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Traditional Zambian Walking Safari (8 Days)

  • 7 Nights with Norman Carr Walking Safaris

The walking safari is traditionally Zambian, ideal for the seasoned traveler who has been on safari previously and is looking for an in-depth experience.

Norman Carr Safaris, the "original" Luangwa safari operation, started in the 1940s with the legendary Norman Carr himself taking guests out on foot in the Luangwa Valley.

Prepare for your safari with a day or two acclimatising in the very comfortable Kapani Lodge, a small, exclusive lodge on the banks of the Luangwa River. Each of the ten standard chalets has an en-suite bathroom and a lounge with bar fridge.

From Kapani, venture out to one or more of the four remote bush camps. Each of the camps is situated under a canopy of trees and offer basic, yet comfortable, accommodation. The bush camps and walks are operated only in the drier months of June through October.

The bush camps serve as way-points for the safari. After waking early in the morning for a leisurely walk through the bush, viewing game and learning about tracks, plants, animals and ecology you will arrive for brunch at a new camp, your luggage waiting for you. Walking safaris offer opportunities for an unparalleled experience of the African bush.


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