Okavango Tours

Classic Tanzania (12 Days)

  • 8 Nights on a Classic Mobile Safari
  • 3 Nights at Greystroke Mahale

Northern Circuit TanzaniaThis classic mobile safari allows for the flexibility to move camp frequently while viewing northern Tanzania in depth and with great care. As the journey evolves your comfort will be fully catered to and the pleasures of Tanzania's breathtaking vistas will be yours to enjoy. After traveling in the north, it's over to Lake Tanganyika, home to the world's largest population of chimpanzees, where you will have the opportunity to track these beautiful animals. Spend your days trekking through the forest looking for chimps, relaxing on the beach or out on the lake.

Nomad Mobile Safaris
Nomad Mobile Safaris combines privacy & flexibility with comfort and the chance to get under the skin of Tanzania's wilderness areas without a modicum of deprivation. These mobile camps, compact and lightweight, reduce the need for heavy vehicles (and consequent eco impact), they can go pretty much anywhere, and quickly, allowing you the flexibility to plan more intrepid or exclusive safari itineraries.

The camps themselves are comfortable, traditional and private, with a dedicated crew of cooks, waiters & tent-hands to assist guests throughout their safari. Both walking and game-driving is possible, accompanied by private 4x4 photo vehicles and professional guides. The tents are walk-in canvas and well equipped, with your ablution facilities set in the rear. While the kitchen areas are large and friendly they are not  no too grand that they can’t be packed up and carried to a whole new area the very next day.

Greystoke Mahale is situated on the eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika. This most spectacular and isolated of settings is home to the world’s largest known population of chimpanzees, and Greystoke Mahale is within hiking distance of the 60 strong M-group, one of the most habituated groups in the world - making Greystoke one the world’s premiere locations for observing and photographing these great apes. Hiking the beautiful forest itself is special, with eight other species of primate, shyer forest mammals, birds, butterflies, giant vines and waterfalls. Out of the forest, the beach is ideal for sun worshipping and relaxing, while the lake yields many other activities as well.

Accommodation at Greystoke Mahale is in exotic barefoot luxury bandas beneath shady trees on the edge of the beach. Each room has uniquely sculpted interiors made of recycled dhow timber. The rooms are spacious, wonderfully appointed and considerate of one's need for deep comfort. Each luxury room is left open to its enjoy its unique view from the front and is en-suite. In addition, each room is topped with a‘chill-out' deck, perfect for the most demanding of castaways.




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