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luangwa valleyThe Luangwa Valley

Rising in the hills of North-eastern Zambia, the Luangwa River is the major source of water in the eastern part of the country. Its elevation at source is 1500m and it flows in a southwesterly direction through a broad valley. By the time the Luangwa has meandered its way to the town of Mfuwe, the embarkation point for most travelers to this remote and exceptional safari destination, the flood plain is almost 10 kilometers wide.


The Luangwa Valley abounds with life and is considered one of the most unspoiled of African wildlife destinations. This valley, which is home to over 60 types of animal and 400 species of birds, envelopes both the North Luangwa National Park and the South Luangwa National Park. The river is seasonal, the rainy season bringing swollen torrents from the highlands while during the dry season distal channels find themselves cut off from the great body of the river, causing small pools to form which become the life force for multitudes of animals and are fantastic for game concentrations.


zambia walking safariThe South Luangwa National Park is accessible to the public and is open to game-drives from the many lodges in and around the park. Birdcalls, resonating from the banks of the river are exceptional in their range and diversity, and for some this sweet tweet tweet even takes time to get used to. Camps and lodges in the southern park offer guided safari drives as well as their world famous walking tours, which allow the visitor the most satisfying and illuminating way to experience animals, trees and plants of the region as well as a taste of bush life.


yellow billed storkThe Northern park is one of the most remote and dynamic in Africa. Only in 1984 was access for tourism granted and even now only a very small number of people come here each year. There are no camps or lodges within the park itself and all accommodation is found outside the boundaries. Permits for entrance into the park must be obtained in advance. Guided driving and walking safaris are available from the camps and lodges nearby.


Mfuwe International Airport is serviced by daily flights from Lusaka, and it is here that guests are collected and driven to the South Luangwa lodges, before the daily forays into the park are undertaken. For those on their way to the North Luangwa, it is a transfer by light aircraft or a 4-5 hour road journey.

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