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Zambia is an enormous country, fantastically rich in soils and climate, but sadly still suffering the effects of its post-colonial experiment in Marxism. This is however firmly over and the government is making valiant efforts to resuscitate the economy. Unfortunately the recent collapse in commodity prices has severely compromised the country’s earnings from mineral exports. Its 12 million people are renowned for their hospitality and friendliness, and despite the poverty one encounters, the enduring memory of Zambians is of their optimism and their goodwill (and their funny transposition of ‘l’ and ‘r’, as in ‘I hope you had a rovery lide in the aeloprane.’).

From the traveller’s perspective, the country is amazing. The southern and western borders are marked by the Zambezi River, a vast and inscrutable torrent that encompasses the vast floodplains of Barotseland, numerous waterfalls and gorges, the incredible basalt fault that constitutes the Victoria Falls, the gorges below the ‘Boiling Pot’ below the lip of the Falls, the vast and spectacular Lake Kariba, and the lower river below the Kariba Dam wall. The remote northern arm of the country pushes hard into tropical Africa, while several regions within the country constitute discrete wildlife areas – Kafue, with endemic black lechwe and astounding birdlife, the Lunga National Park, Liuwa Plains with the greatest animal migration outside of the Serengeti, the South and North Luangwa Parks, and the Benguela Swamps, where Livingstone died, lost and lonely, to name but a few.

Zambia’s is a warm and tropical climate, with hot summers (October through March)and mild winters (although the summer heat is moderated by altitude over much of the country). Rain falls in the summer months from November through April.


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Victoria Falls, Walking with Lions, Rafting, Zambezi

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