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Uganda is a marvellous country. Whilst usually not the safari-goers first choice, for those who have ‘done’ the more traditional heavy game countries, Uganda offers an altogether gentler, although certainly no less interesting, experience. Although no one knew it at the time, present-day Uganda is the location of the Holy Grail of African exploration, the prize that destroyed so many men, women and reputations, that drove men mad with frustration and hope – the source of that mightiest of rivers, the Nile.

With its humid equatorial climate, its towering mountains, vast lakes and jungles, maze of rivers and swamps, Uganda was the dream and the nightmare that epitomised the quest for greatest prize of all in 19th Century exploration (although a Greek trader called Diogenes had a pretty good stab at it several thousand years earlier). Here Europeans found a civilisation unlike any they had come across in their incursions into the interior – the Kingdom of Buganda. The Buganda embraced Roman Catholicism readily (although one small misunderstanding added  a few more martyrs that faith’s stock), in consequence of which modern Ugandans enjoys an unusually high educational standard and level of social discipline. The country has had its fair share of brutally misguided leaders, of whom the late and unlamented Idi  Amin Dada was the most photogenic, but has for many years been under the benign rule of Yoweri Museveni’s NRM movement, and is prospering accordingly.

A beautiful, lush green country, with half of all Africa’s bird species and reasonable populations of large mammals, moist people visit Uganda for her primates – gorillas, chimpanzees and monkeys. Gorilla- and chimpanzee trekking in the volcanic Virunga Mountains in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest (what a name!) and Mgahinga National Park, rafting the Nile, the famous Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lakes Edward and Albert, and Kidepo in the far north are all worthy of attention – and we think the city of Kampala and its market are worth a day or two for those jaded by their home-town traffic. For the intrepid, a trek into the Ruwenzoris, the Mountains of the Moon, wettest place of earth and home to some extraordinary plant species and bird-life, as well as equatorial glaciers, will not be forgotten

As with all of east Africa, it rains in April and May, heavily, and again, less so,  in October and November.



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