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South Africa

South Africa is by far the most developed country in sub-Saharan Africa, with an economy bigger than all other sub-Saharan countries combined. Its legacy of apartheid - a racially divisive social and economic policy - and its subsequent repeal has commanded the attention of the world, and the country is in consequence relatively well known. Its exports in the form of gold, diamonds, wine and agricultural produce are to be found the world over and promote the country’s profile abroad. The rapidly evolving society and growing economy, combined with the change in government and testing of democracy by more traditional systems of hierarchical governance make South Africa a fascinating place to visit.

The country’s attractions are rapidly gaining similar prominence. With a vast range of habitats, an extensive coastline that varies from desert to tropical and everything in between, extraordinarily diverse cultural influences, a sophisticated infrastructure, a strategic position in both Africa and the world, a weak currency giving a turbo-boost to the purchasing power of Pounds, Euros and Dollars, South Africa is truly an affordable world-in-one-country. The Cape property market has a strong underpin in continental buyers, and European languages are commonly heard on the streets of Cape Town and in the game parks of Mpumalanga, Limpopo, the eastern Cape and Maputaland.

 The southern tip of the continent has a Mediterranean climate, with wet, cool winters and dry, warm summers, while the rest of the country conforms to the sub-Saharan norm of dry, sunny (and at times cold) winters and warm to hot summers characterised by afternoon thunderstorms, usually of short if brutal duration.


Shamwari Reserve, Cape Point, Cape Winelands

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