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Rwanda, an African Switzerland with volcanic ‘Alps’, glistens with chlorophyll in its mountain fastness. Peaceful after the upheaval of the early 1990s that saw the ruling Tutsi elite assume power, introduce market-driven economic reforms and restore efficient democratic government, Rwanda today stands on the cusp of massive investment in its tourism infrastructure. The Parc National des Volcans nestles in the Virunga Mountain range of (mostly) extinct volcanoes and offers the best opportunity of viewing Mountain Gorillas in the world today, with a tightly controlled programme in place administered with empathy and efficiency by the Rwandan tourism and park authority. The ghost of Diane Fossey permeates the mountains here.

The landscapes in this green country are truly breathtaking, with its mountains, rivers and emerald tea estates, and whilst best known for its wealth of primates, Rwanda also has one of Africa’s richest bird diversities - a staggering 670 different species have been recorded. For botanists, the gorgeous wildflowers of the forests and mountains are capped by more than 100 orchid species in Nyungwe alone. For the lucky, a sighting of the rare golden monkey awaits whilst gorilla trekking.

The capital Kigali is a teeming, bustling central African city, clinging to its precipitous hillsides. With first class hotels and guesthouses, and a superlative Indian restaurant, the city is the usual point of departure for the easy and scenic drive of a couple of hours to Ruhengeri and the gorillas. A visit to the Genocide Museum in Kigali is an essential reminder of the true nature of man.


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