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The Skeleton Coast

skeleton coast ship wreck
Taking its name from the skeletons of ships and men that dared to sail through these tumultuous waters, the Skeleton Coast is a ghostly vista that forms the foreboding and craggy southwestern edge of the African continent. In 1486 the inhospitable and freezing beaches of Cape Cross became the first place that Europeans landed in southernAfrica.
welwitchia mirabilasCovered by vast blankets of fog, the climate of the Skeleton coast is dictated by the Benguela Current, which flows north from Antarctica pulling deep waters and cool wet air with it, leaving the landscape brittle andarid. This monochromatic moon-scape is seemingly devoid of life, but after a closer look one will find unusual and fascinating flora and fauna. The remarkable Welwitchia mirabilis grows on the desert floor at the edges of the mists and the sun. On days when the mineral rich fog comes in to cover the land, the plants will open themselves up to accept the moisture. In the south, Cape Colony is the home of over 250,000 smelly, blubberous, barking seals who live there during the breading season. Baby seals spend their days cavorting on the crest of heavy Atlantic surf.

 Whilst on safari here the traveler will have time to absorb and reflect on the ever-changing and dynamic landscapes of Namibia. Osprey, elephant, and black rhino are rare sightings, but if one is lucky they can be seen wandering these parts. Only the southern reaches of the Skeleton Coast can be accessed by road. For a quick peek at this coastline, a light aircraft journey over the edges of the Atlantic seaboard where many ships met their fate and lie trapped amongst the inward moving dunes is fascinating and can easily be arranged.
skeleton coast safaris
For conservation purposes the Namibian government has limited access to this area and a visit to the Skeleton Coast is unique and fascinating. The northern part of the Skeleton Coast is covered in panoramic gravel plains and can only be reached by light aircraft. In order to properly explore the area and for an unforgettable adventure we recommend fly-in safaris to the barren and rarely visited north.

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