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Namib Desert & Sossusvlei

dune 45 sossusvleiThe Namib Desert and Sossusvlei region of Namibia is spectacular to behold as the rich orange oxide color of the tallest dunes in the world collides with the vibrant cobalt blue of the open skies. To walk along the ridge of one of the great dunes in the Namib while watching the sun set in the west and the full moon rise on the eastern horizon, is a most mystical moment to experience. The night skies in the Namib alternate between the full burning light of the moon and the epiphanous dancing of stars long forgotten by the reflections of our city lights.

namib desert

Reaching heights of 340 meters and drifting 70 kilometers inland from the sea, these towering dunes create the desert bed, which the petrified albino salt pans of Sossusvlei and Deadvlei reside in. The limestone and dolomite Naukluft Mountains border this region to the north and are famous for hiking excursions where one can see mountain zebra and relics of Stone Age life.

Named by the ancient Nama people, Namib means ‘open space’. The Namib is the oldest desert in the world, thought to be 80 million years old, and stretches its sandy fingers down the entire western edge of Namibia and up into southwestern Angola.


cameleonThe southern reaches of the Namib where the town of Sesriem can be found is the easiest part of the region to reach and can be accessed by road or plane from Swakopmund or Windhoek. On foot, by car, or in the air, excursions for every type of adventurer are available from an array of different camps and lodges in this region. Afternoon walks in the dune park to two-day hiking trails through the rolling dunes can be arranged. Guided safari drives where one may see the desert elephant, black rhino or the endemic dune lark are twice-daily organized from most camps.

ballooning over the namibIt is possible to catch a glimpse of the area from the air as well on sunset flights that will fly over the vibrant dunes, north above the diamond reserves and along the Skeleton Coast where you may see thousands upon thousands of flamingo. For a spectacular view of the desert and something entirely unique hot air ballooning in the early morning is part of the adventure at certain lodges.


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