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Looming up like an endless fleet of submarines, the rolling red granite boulders of Damaraland are home to petrified forests, prehistoric rock paintings and ancient villages. The people of Damaraland, called by outsiders in the 19thcentury the Damara, are now called the Herrero and still live on this barren, rocky land where they continue to raise their cattle and goats. Fort Sesfotein in the northern part of the region, built in 1901 and restored in 1987, is the last outpost before the even harsher Koakoland.


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A striking feature of the landscape in Damaraland is the Brandberg Massiff, which runs north-south dividing Damaraland from the Skeleton Coast and the Atlantic Ocean. On the western horizon Burnt Mountainrises 2,573 meters out of scrubland and is the highest peak in Namibia. Animal sightings should be treasured in this region, and although it is possible to see desert elephant and black rhino, the landscape is vast and water-sustaining life is sprinkled sparingly across its surface.


Whilst in Damaraland there are many activities to be enjoyed. Guided nature drives will be a part of your excursions where lion and cheetah can be seen when antelope such as oryx, kudu or springbok are present. Gentle nature walks can be arranged or for the more adventurous hiking excursions can be organized into the rugged Brandberg mountain range. Mountain bike sare available at many of the lodges and the large rocky plains make for good riding. A visit to Twyfelfontein will reveal some of the finest examples of ancient rock engravings and paintings in all of southern Africa.

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Damaraland can be explored while on a driving safari and Okavango Tours and Safaris can book lodging according to your personalized traveling route in this wild country. Alternatively we can create tailor-made fly-in safaris where different parts of Damaraland and Namibia will be experienced from both the air and on land.



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