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Chobe National Park

elephants chobe national parkThe Chobe River-front during the dry season experiences spectacular concentrations of game, with vast herds of elephant and buffalo daily coming down to the river to drink. Botswana has the world’s highest population of elephant, and it is along this stretch of river, when outlying pans are dry, that these herds congregate. It is by no means only elephant and buffalo that congregate here. Every species of animal, including the rare Chobe bushbuck and puku, can be found here, and predators enjoy rich pickings. The river itself affords opportunities, and boating on the Chobe River will expose crocodile, hippo and a plethora of water-birds in addition to the game along the banks.

hippo okavango delta

Savute is a relict marsh in the southern part of the park,where a channel, now dry, once brought an annual pulse of water to the dry land. Open spaces, several water-points for animals and palatable grasses however ensure that Savute rewards the visitor with spectacular game-viewing. Lions and hyaenas are particularly plentiful, and their troubled relationship is the subject of the film “Eternal Enemies”, a wildlife classic by Derek and Beverley Joubert. Bird-viewing in the summer months, when rain inundates the marsh, can be especially rewarding.
Linyanti lies to the north of Savute along the Linyanti floodplain, at the tail-end of the Chobe River. With beautiful lagoons and river-frontage, this remote and secluded area is rich in bird-life and game, although concentrations cannot rival those of the river. One is not subjected to the pressure of other visitors here that one is at more accessible parts of the park.



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